About the Country Duck Co

In 2022 the soon to be married couple ‘Mr and Mrs Bridgman’ decided that now was the right time to pursue their dream and create their clothing brand The Country Duck Co. 

Drawing on Lauren's art and design background, Lauren designs all our logos for each piece of clothing which is named after a different breed of duck. Doing everything ourselves we believe makes our brand stand out.  

The name The Country Duck Co was inspired by the way they both lived their lives; whilst James is a hard working builder, he often finds himself at home on the farm or in the garden surrounded with nature. Lauren is a phenomenal photographer who has the natural eye to catch the perfect shot. One day, whilst feeding their ducks they decided that the dream of owning their own clothing brand must be orientated around their everyday life. 

As a couple who both have a great love for the outdoors we know what it takes to create timeless, stylish quality clothing. 

Here, in Wembworthy was where The Country Duck Co was born. 


We believe everyone can do their bit to help the environment so here at The Country Duck Co we use packaging that can be composted just put your postage bag in your food waste bin and it will decompose over time or simply put it in your paper recycling bin and it will be made into new paper products! A small amount of plastic is unfortunately still needed to ensure all our garments arrive in the best condition. 


Now, nearly two years on we are happily married with a little one on the way but that will not stop us from providing you with the best clothes we possibly can. We'd like to thank you all for the support we have had over the past couple of years and hope that with your help we can build on that into some really new and exciting products!


Why not match your little one with yourself?

The clothing for the children are both stylish and durable making them a parents favourite!